Slide Design Project


Speakers Outline

Endure to the End

  • Heber J. Grant example
  •  Endure
  •  Lehi’s vision

Don’t forget to Pray

  • Dark and dreary waste
  • Pray

Come unto Christ

  • Tree of life
  • The atonement
  • Sacred covenants


  •  Spiritual power and capacity
  • Press forward with faith
  • Obedience
  • Strait and narrow

Spiritual Survival

  • Life’s journey
  • The adversary
  • Mists of darnkess

Don’t be Deceived

  • Great and spacious building
  • Spiritually lost
  • Being of the world

Stay by the Tree

  • Stay by the tree
  • True discipleship
  • Mission story
  • Covenants with God
  • Summary
  • Conclusion


I started off reading the talk “Stay by the Tree” by Elder Kevin W. Pearson. I chose this talk because this was one of my favorites from April 2015 conference. It was the first one that came to mind. I then read trough and chose the main points and took main words that would summarize those main points up. I then went through photos I have taken in the past, particularly landscape photos, and chose some that I thought would look well on a power point. I used these photos and the main words and drafted a power point on paper, and then went through and did it on power point.


Critique Process:

I was told that centering the words was a bad idea, which I really should have remembered and not done anyway. Oops. Old habits die hard i guess. So instead I moved them over to the side and made it go from one side to the other in each slide like suggested by the teacher. I was also told that I should put the authors name in the title screen. Good call. I made those changes, and was glad that I received that feedback.


One thought on “Slide Design Project

  1. Great job Rachel! Your project looks so clean and professional. I feel like I am bumbling through my assignments, but you look like you have this one down pat. I really liked the alternating justifications on the titles- that was a nice touch to add visual interest while keeping with your unified theme.
    You can see my blog here:
    Also check out Rashida Torres’ here:


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